Evo Morales in his eleventh year imposition of crime and corruption

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29 de enero de 2017

Carlos Sánchez Berzaín*


(Interamerican Institute for Democracy) Boasting the annihilation of democracy that he has perpetrated against the Bolivian nation, Evo Morales celebrated on the 22nd of January his 11th years in power, declaring the day in which he took the government as a national holiday with the desire to declare it a historical milestone. The coca leaf growers’ union chieftain and Bolivian Head of State, acolyte of Castro-Chavez’s expansionism, has pretended to show his government as successful when in reality it has been the greatest backward fall and calamity in the history of Bolivia, one that surpasses all records of imposition, crime, corruption, and narcotics trafficking.

Imposition is “the faking or deceiving with an appearance of truth.”  This is Evo Morales’ fundamental nature.  Showcased as an indigenous native while being a mestizo that speaks neither Quechua nor Aymara -the indigenous’ languages-; showcased as a peasant when in reality he is the coca leaf growers’ union chieftain, the first link in the narcotics trafficking production chain; showcased as a democratic politician while being a dictator of the 21st Century’s Socialism that boast the alleged greatest economic growth of the country when in reality he is responsible for its stagnation and crisis; showcased as a victim when in reality he is the culprit of the greatest crimes and violation of human rights; a self-proclaimed nationalist when in reality he has disposed of, or mortgaged, the country’s natural resources for generations to come.

Evo Morales’ assumption of power is preceded by more than 15 years of violence defending and protecting the coca-narcotics link with funding produced by the coca-cocaine chain, foreign help from dictators such as Gadhafi, and direct involvement by Castro and Chavez who turned the coca leaf growers’ union into a political movement, similar to the model used for the Colombian guerrillas’ organization, the FARC.  An important point of the inter creminis is the conspiracy, sedition, and ousting of the constitutionally elected government of Sanchez de Lozada which ended in October 17th of 2003 and in which Morales publicly vindicates, confessing the crimes committed as the triumph over neo-liberalism. These criminal acts have gone temporarily unpunished by the “amnesty” and protection granted to Evo Morales and his accomplices who by using this same mechanism relentlessly pursue and turn into political prisoners and exiles their victims.

Evo Morales would have never gotten to power and would not have remained therein without the political, economic, and personal intervention of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (whom Evo referred to as Dad).  Morales’ government is a satellite of the ALBA, or Bolivarian movement, now known as 21st Century’s Socialism.  They have constructed a state for Morales that has been destined to “end the Bolivian Nation” and towards that end they have replaced its Constitutional Charter and the Republic of Bolivia with their Plurinational State.  He is the Head of the Plurinational State and not the President of the Republic of Bolivia.  He governs a malformed creature birthed out of fraud and violence which is designed to have him indefinitely at the helm, all while serving the transnational interests of the 21st Century’s Socialism.

Before becoming the government, Evo had committed countless crimes such as; the murder of the Andrade couple, crimes at Villa 14, massacre of Sacaba, and crimes committed in October of 2003.  In order to remain in power for these past 11 years, however, he has been directly responsible to have perpetrated 20 bloody massacres, have thousands of politically persecuted with the complicity and arbitrary use of the courts, and has over 1200 political exiles.  He remains in power based on fear, applying the Castrist model of social control that includes the murdering of reputations, the taking away of the freedom of the press, and the recruitment of private business leaders.

Morales has constructed a “narco-state” based on the coca leaf growers’ unions, whose members, besides not paying any taxes, are part of the apparatus of narcotics production.  The coca-narcotics unions are the main political structure of Morales who in order to protect them, they expelled the U.S. Ambassador, DEA, and USAID from Bolivia all while disguising the expansion of narcotics trafficking as anti-imperialism. This is how he gained total control of the anti-narcotics effort, turning it into another imposition and apology of crime, with infamous laws and proposals such as to decriminalize the cultivation of coca leaf.  The increased volume of production of cocaine, added to the FARC’s involvement, constitutes the current criminal and political map of crime.  With the expansion of his political-coca leaf grower’s unions base Evo has flooded Argentina, Brazil, Chile with cocaine and has determined that Bolivia -besides breaking the level of internal drug consumption- be isolated and stigmatized.

The “chieftain” has concentrated all power in a centralist, statist, and personalist model.  There is no “Rule of Law” in Bolivia, nor is there institutionalism.  There is no “separation and independence of government branches”, there is no “freedom of the press”, the electoral processes are mere simulations ripe with “fraud” in their midst.  Corruption is the State’s policy, only bested by an indispensable impunity system aimed at protecting Evo Morales and his regime of new rich (Zapata, FONDIOC, Lamia cases, the Cartel of Lies and dozens more).  He attempts to keep the “Lava Jato” scandal from blowing its cover in Bolivia.  He has surpassed the record of Foreign and Internal Debt that cannot be quantified by his elimination of an independent comptroller system.  International Transparency places Bolivia amongst the most corrupt countries with increasing corruption every year.

Morales took advantage and ownership of the successes of Bolivian democracy (1982-2003) which he labeled as neoliberal, but his economic failure is catastrophic. He reduced the production of natural gas due to lack of investments, he pays transnational corporations more than ever before, and has lost markets. From his denial of the economic crisis he has gone to “projects to mitigate the crisis”. Evo manipulates data and surveys the narcotics based economy still sustains his regime. He has “water crisis”.  Chinese credit, purchases, and projects are Chinese fables of corruption and secret debt.  The Armed Forces belong to the regime and are plagued by corruption. Children are manipulated to receive privileges. Human Trafficking has shot up.  Evo has flown over 11,000 hours at a cost of over $40 million dollars, and he has more accomplishments and records but they are of imposition, crime and corruption.

*Attorney and Political Scientist.  Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.



Published in Spanish by Diario las Americas on Sunday January 29th, 2017

Evo Morales en sus once años de impostura, crímenes y corrupción